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The SIGMA balance platform is a modern device for balance and proprioception diagnosis and training. Diagnostics allows determining the state of balance of the analyzed person regarding proprioception and motor coordination…

HUMAC is the BEST solution for measuring and improving human performance in the clinic, athletic training room and research laboratory. It is sometimes referred to as the Isokinetic Machine and sometimes as the Limb System…

Thanks to FootBalance’s unique patented heat technology; Our health experts analyze your foot and foot pressure in just 10 minutes and shape your 100% personalized orthopedic insoles.

Our Treatments

Follow-up of professional athletes, preventive rehabilitation to prevent injuries, follow-up with pre-season and mid-season isokinetic tests, treatment of existing or subsequent injuries.

Joint and muscle injuries due to trauma (such as ankle sprains, knee joint ligament injuries, shoulder joint injuries)

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is a new therapy method used successfully in physical therapy or physiotherapy.

Contracted Institutions

Tüm Hakları 6.25 Fizik Tedavi,Rehabilitasyon ve Spor Sakatlıkları Tedavi Merkezi ne aittir.